Here are the opening and closing to Barney Songs from the Park 2004 VHS


  1. HIT Entertainment FBI & Interpol Warning
  2. HIT Entertainment Logo (2001-2006)
  3. Barney Developments Promo (2003-2004)
  4. Please Stay Tuned Bumper (Hit Entertainment Version)
  5. Barney Home Video Logo (1995-Present)
  6. Barney Home Video Intro (Season 7 Version)
  7. Barney Songs from the Park Title Card


  1. End Credits
  2. Barney's Movin and Groovin Trailer
  3. Barney's Happy Mad Silly Sad Trailer
  4. Barney's Best Manners: Your Invitation to Fun! Trailer
  5. The Wiggles: Cold Spaghetti Western Trailer
  6. The Wiggles: Top of the Tots Trailer
  7. Kipper's Water Play Trailer
  8. HIT Entertainment Logo (2001-2006)
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